Visualization acts directly in correlation with the brain, it alters brainwave activity and biochemistry, with it’s effects branching out into every aspect
of life.

The science behind visualisation directly links to the neural pathways and patterns in your brain. As you continue to visualize the things that you desire in life, you create new neural patterns. The brain cannot determine the difference between visualisation and if you had actually done the activity.

This is the main reason basketball players were able to greatly increase the percentage of shots they made without ever shooting a basketball in practice. The brain was already trained through the mind/ body connection of visualisation on how to succeed at shooting.

When visualising, our intricate nervous system is also stimulated. Even if you have never physically taken part in the activity before the effects are still integrated into the body, with lasting results.

We have the capability to both learn and unlearn things if we want to.

January 11, 2023 — Zhanna Gee